Information online media, providing news and tips, related to electronic cigarettes.

Polaris RZR 1000

Complate rebrand with vinyl wrap.


Facebook community discussing topics and news related to virtual reality.


Local brand operating on the territory of Bulgaria, engaged in the construction of buildings and houses.


is a religious community created to help disadvantaged people

IT together

is an educational platform dealing with training and courses related to programming.


is a company that takes care of the overall maintenance of your car. They specialize in both taking care of your car and making it look impressive.

The Bishop`s basilica

First place in the competition of the Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis.
The condition of the competition was to create a visualization of potential merchandise and brand identity.

The Bishop`s basilica

The luxury edition includes a limited series of products that can
be included in exclusive events or seminars organized by the basilica.



Organize & Observation